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Julio Zambrano posting from ProZ.com shared:

Spanish subtitling for various TV shows

Sebnem Kinaci posting from ProZ.com shared:

In the middle of an EC methodology document for data specifications, 40k words! Time for a break!

  • inglês para turco
  • Data protection, Network security, Computers: Systems, Networks
  • 60% complete
replied from ProZ.com at 17:17:

You might want to restart your CAT tool :D

Alexandros Theodotou posting from ProZ.com shared:

Consent form - Japanese > English

consent, agreement

  • japonês para inglês
  • 200 words
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
  • 100% complete
Alexandros Theodotou posting from ProZ.com shared:

Marriage certificate - Japanese to English


  • japonês para inglês
  • 300 words
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
  • 100% complete
Huw Davies posting from ProZ.com shared:

I'm working on a translation of a graphic novel about Benazir Bhutto, from French into English.

Maria Giovanna Polito posting from ProZ.com shared:

Just finished the translation of an instruction manual and app for a smart watch.

smart watch, user manual, app

  • inglês para italiano
  • 5474 words
  • Engineering (general), IT (Information Technology)
  • MemSource Cloud
  • 100% complete

I finished an ENG to FRA project, 1991 words for Translators without Borders I used Matecat. great project

  • inglês para francês
  • 1991 words
minnie1205 posting from ProZ.com shared:

preparing for the interpreting job on 27th, 28th and 29th --WMC in Shanghai

cloud, Iot

  • inglês para chinês
  • Telecom(munications)
Henk Sanderson posting from ProZ.com shared:

Working on an operation manual for an industrial printing and dispensing system

Betriebsanleitung, Sensor, Fördergurt, Druckluft, Spannschraube

  • alemão para holandês
  • 15000 words
  • Industrial engineering, Manual, Automation
  • DVX3
Idalia Rueda posting from ProZ.com shared:

Translating an entomophagy blog!

Andrea Halbritter posting from ProZ.com shared:

Creating a company name. Food industry. German monolingual

Natalia Potashnik posting from ProZ.com shared:

Phone interpreting, calls come one after another

phone interpreting, medical, community interpreting

  • inglês para russo
  • Medical (general)
Maria Castro Valdez posting from ProZ.com shared:

Translating a new tourism project


  • francês para espanhol
  • 4200 words
Heike Holthaus posting from ProZ.com shared:

Finishing a 15k text on suspension railways this week

Mariana Perussia posting from ProZ.com shared:

Personal Data Protection statement/Privacy statement

  • 3000 words
Paola Giardina posting from ProZ.com shared:

Cloud Services Agreement

software, cloud services, computing

  • inglês para espanhol
  • 7200 words
  • TI (Tecnología de la información)
Ricki Farn posting from ProZ.com shared:

Translating landing pages for business software.

landing page, B2B, Cloud, SaaS, IT security

  • inglês para alemão
  • IT, Marketing
Anna Süveges posting from ProZ.com shared:

Medical report, Hungarian to Spanish, 9200 words

Alicia González posting from ProZ.com shared:

Subtitles for fashion brand videos, EN-ES, 300 words

  • inglês para espanhol
  • 300 words
  • Textiles / Clothing / Fashion, subtiting
Anna Augustin posting from ProZ.com shared:

Working on a website translation for one of my oldest clients. It's great so see when your favourite clients continue growing with you!

Daniel Loss posting from ProZ.com shared:

Subtitles for a Documentary on Thai Buddhism

I finished an ENG to ESL project, CPMS , 1622 words for Translators without Borders I used Katos. Excellent experience, as always :)

  • inglês para espanhol
  • 1622 words
Annalisa Panero posting from ProZ.com shared:



  • alemão para italiano
  • 18000 words
  • Marketing/Ricerche di mercato
  • client's cat tool
  • 100% complete
Annalisa Panero posting from ProZ.com shared:

Conferma di Adozione di Minore

adozione, minore, orfanotrofio

  • inglês para italiano
  • 596 words
  • adozione di minore
  • 100% complete
Vanessa Pfister-Mesavage posting from ProZ.com shared:

Subtitling of a documentary film, English to French, 55'

WWII, Ladino, Sephardic Jews

  • inglês para francês
  • History
  • Aegisub
  • 42% complete
Annalisa Panero posting from ProZ.com shared:

Investment Management Agreement

Investment, Agreement, conditions

  • inglês para italiano
  • 7998 words
  • Investimenti/Titoli, Legale: Contratti
  • 100% complete
Claudio Machado Junior posting from ProZ.com shared:

Fashion trends!


  • inglês para português
  • 5000 words
  • Textiles / Clothing / Fashion

I finished an ENG to FRA project, 4017 words for Translators without Borders very interesting

  • inglês para francês
  • 4017 words
Konbaz posting from ProZ.com shared:

Delivered an employment contract.

  • árabe para inglês
  • 1945 words
Gina Ferlisi posting from ProZ.com shared:

I have just finished working for this week on a 13k manual for the railway company, 2 QA for two technical manuals , 3K business translations an also a MTPE Italian-English Job 7K

  • italiano para inglês
  • 25000 words
  • Railway, Business, Financial
  • 100% complete
Piotr Dabrowski posting from ProZ.com shared:

Marketing/technical description of new agricultural tractors series

  • inglês para polonês
  • 1500 words
  • Motoryzacja/samochody, Rolnictwo
  • STAR Transit
Irfan Ullah (MA English) posting from ProZ.com shared:

Working on a big project from Google, English to Pashto Translation/Editing

  • inglês para afegão
  • 15400 words
  • Time Zones, Currencies, Measures
Irfan Ullah (MA English) posting from ProZ.com shared:

Completed English to Pashto Translation of two letters, 713 words


  • afegão para inglês
  • 713 words
  • General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Hwamok Chung posting from ProZ.com shared:

Television advertisements, 500 words.

television, product, hd, pixel, definition

  • inglês para coreano
  • 500 words
  • Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Advertising / Public Relations, Marketing / Market Research
  • 100% complete
Roberto Lombino posting from ProZ.com shared:

Touristic leafleats for a worldwide airplane company

Kersti Skovgaard posting from ProZ.com shared:

talent management, animal feed labels, marketing/taglines, EPTV subtitles, birth certificate

  • inglês para estoniano
Sarah Bessioud posting from ProZ.com shared:

Descriptions of beers for a German brewery

Elena Cannelli posting from ProZ.com shared:

A children's book about migration... Love it!

  • espanhol para italiano
  • Poetry & Literature
Iris Schmerda posting from ProZ.com shared:

Description of a hotel, the town with its attractions etc.

  • francês para alemão
  • 3400 words
  • Tourism & Travel
Adolfo Iudici posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Translating ads for a forex trading platform

  • inglês para italiano
  • 923 words
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 11% complete
Irina Shevchenko posting from ProZ.com shared:

Simultaneous interpreting of geomechanics training course for mining engineers and geologists

Soonthon LUPKITARO(Ph.D.) posting from ProZ.com shared:

Translation of solar cell documents for a Japanese entrepreneur: 35,000 JP words to English.

Agnes Fatrai posting from ProZ.com shared:

Chemicals Safety Data Sheet English-German

  • inglês para alemão
Jinping ZHANG posting from ProZ.com shared:

translation on a cosmetic brand and a fashion brand

Aline Canino posting from ProZ.com shared:

Still working on this project about atomic energy and its environmental consequences, and starting a translation, in a much lighter vein, of the recipe for the "salade niçoise", Japanese verision :-)

A series of newsletters about sustainable energy in greenhouse horticulture

greenhouse cultivation, sustainable energy, newsletter

  • holandês para inglês
  • 851 words
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 100% complete
Lynn Fang posting from ProZ.com shared:

Translating part of a sales training app for a luxury brand.

  • inglês para chinês
  • 2099 words
  • Memsource
Sara Dahlén posting from ProZ.com shared:

English to Swedish for one of the biggest fashion online retailers in the world, website translation and quality assurance editing

I finished an ENG to SWA project, children's welfare, 9213 words for Translators without Borders I used matecat. i used matecat to translate from Eng to Swahili

  • inglês para suaíli
  • 9213 words

I finished an ENG to FRA project, WHO présentation, 4100 words for Translators without Borders Challenging complexity, great satisfaction.

  • inglês para francês
  • 4100 words

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