Moderator code of conduct moderators:

... know and the moderator program,

  • ... know the mission and help realize it through their service as moderators.
  • ... familiarize themselves with the site and make use of it in an exemplary fashion.
  • ... know the site rules and understand the reasons for each.
  • ... are knowledgeable concerning the moderator role and the policies governing it.

... take on the responsibility of enforcing site rules,

  • ... accept, for a time, the role of "referee".
  • ... agree to enforce the site's rules in a uniform and consistent manner.
  • ... stand ready to intervene in KudoZ or forum exchanges when appropriate, on the basis of the site rules and rule enforcement policies.
  • ... recognize and endorse the concept that's scope is limited to translation and translation work, as outlined in the site's definition of scope.

... put themselves at the service of peers,

  • ... lead site users in creating an environment that is welcoming to new KudoZ and forum participants.
  • ... help site members and users make the most of what is available to them through
  • ... respond to member inquiries in a professional and timely manner.

... and exhibit professionalism at all times.

  • ... hold themselves to a high standard.
  • ... maintain integrity and impartiality (removing themselves from situations involving a conflict of interest).
  • ... refuse to accept advantages over non-moderators in terms of deriving career benefits from the site.
  • ... respect and protect information that is confidential to site members, or confidential to the moderator list.